What is law of reincarnation raw in multiple religions

law of reincarnation raw

Many tribes and faiths believe in law of reincarnation. It is said that once we die, our soul is reborn in a new body. This occurs again, and our spirit learns and evolves with each incarnation.

While it is often associated with Eastern faiths such as Hinduism and Buddhism, it is a notion that has piqued the interest of people all across the globe. In this essay, we’ll look at what reincarnation is, where it originated, and why it’s still relevant today.

What is Reincarnation?

Law of reincarnation is the notion that everyone of us possesses an eternal soul. This soul cycles between being born, living a life, dying, and being born again in a new body. This process continues indefinitely, and each existence helps our soul learn and grow.

Where Did Reincarnation Start?

Reincarnation is not a novel concept. It has been around for a very long time and is associated with several ancient civilizations and beliefs.

Hinduism: Reincarnation is an important aspect of Hinduism. They believe in karma, which states that the good and terrible things we do in this life have an impact on our subsequent lives. Hindus believe that the soul is reincarnated many times before breaking free from the cycle of birth and reincarnation.

Buddhism: Buddhism, which was founded by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha), teaches about rebirth as well. Buddhists believe that our activities in previous lifetimes have an impact on our present and future lives. They seek Nirvana, a state of complete enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.

Ancient Greece and Egypt: Some people in ancient Greece and Egypt believed in reincarnation. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, for example, believed that the soul is reincarnated in various bodies. In Egypt, reincarnation was linked to the sun’s cycle and the soul’s journey after death.

Celtic and Native American societies: Reincarnation ideas existed in indigenous societies such as the Celts and many Native American tribes. They believed in the soul’s connection to nature and its cyclical journey.

Reincarnation Today

Law of reincarnation isn’t only an ancient idea, it continues to pique people’s attention, particularly in the Western world. Many individuals take solace in the thought of resurrecting in a new life after death, and it helps them make sense of life’s difficulties.

Some individuals even experiment with past-life regression treatment. During these sessions, therapists assist clients in recalling prior incarnations. This may give insights on current difficulties and obstacles in one’s life.

Reincarnation and Science

Scientists have investigated reincarnation but have discovered no strong evidence to support or refute it. As potential hints, some scholars have looked at reports of persons remembering former lives or having near-death experiences. However, it is still a source of contention in the scientific community.

What Law of Reincarnation Means?

Law of reincarnation poses important concerns about who we are, why we are here, and how our choices in this life may effect our lives in the future. It’s a new way of looking at justice and morality since it implies that our acts have long-term implications.


For a long time, people have been attracted by the concept of reincarnation. Whether you embrace it as a spiritual reality or just find it fascinating, it provides a unique perspective on our soul’s journey and the mysteries of life and death.

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While science has yet to confirm reincarnation, it continues to inspire people to consider life’s major concerns. Whether you believe in it or not, reincarnation is part of the complex fabric of human beliefs, and it demonstrates how we are always seeking purpose in our lives.

Most of religions did not follow Law of reincarnation as they have their own ideas and thoughts. Also this law is not proved by science. So we hope this article has provided you much information on law of reincarnation and you can read such amazing articles on our website.


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